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Virus Infected PC?  You have found the right place!

If your system is infected with a virus, spyware, adware, pop-ups, a fake anti-virus program, if you are locked out, or your computer won’t even boot, there is no need to worry. We can take care of it for you, and we should not need to erase and reformat your hard drive.

PC Doctor virus removal technicians perform true virus removal, meaning we locate every virus and malware, and actually remove them from your system, leaving all of your software, installed programs, and data intact.

(Other shops will remove the easy viruses, but erase your hard drive and reinstall the operating system for medium to hard viruses.)

We have the skills and experience to find and remove all viruses from your system, including zero-day viruses when your Norton, McAfee, AVG, or other anti-virus software fails to stop the virus.

You will not lose valuable photos, music, business correspondence, or any other data, and you are never charged to keep that data.

As proof of our virus removal abilities, all virus and malware removal includes a 90-day guarantee against re-infection, no matter what the reason. Same virus, different virus, we take care of it for you at no charge.

(Most computer repair shops offer no more than 2 weeks. Ask them how long they guarantee their virus removal.)

If you are located in the Milwaukee-Waukesha area and need more help or assistance, please call us at:  888-976-8885

or email PC Doctor tech support here.

About Us

The PC Doctor’s staff is comprised of top notch computer troubleshooters with the knowledge and experience to solve tough problems and perform difficult repairs.

A passion to serve our clients ensures that you get the very best service available, backed up by the best warranties around.

All our products and services are aimed at making it easier for you to enjoy your computer,and giving you confidence that your data is safe and secure.

Our reason for being in business is to serve you, and we take our client relationships very seriously.

Go ahead. Put us to the test. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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PC Doctor guarantees to remove all viruses, spyware, and other malware on your computer without losing your important files and data, or you pay nothing. Zip. Nada.

But that’s not all...

...All virus and malware removal includes our

90-day guarantee against re-infection. No matter what the reason. No fine print. It’s that simple!

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Data encrypting viruses such as “Cryptoware” attempt to encrypt all of your personal data and programs, effectively locking you out of your own data forever.

There is no recovery from this!

PC Doctor highly recommends installing CryptoPrevent which attempts to block encrypting viruses from getting in to your system. There are Free and Paid versions available. The paid version includes auto-updating.

CryptoPrevent Premium