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Our Pricing Policy

PC Doctor has never charged an hourly rate!

Why is this an important statement? Because proper and thorough troubleshooting frequently takes many hours, and the charge to the customer, if paying by the hour, would be very high. This is why so many computer repair shops, both large and small, simply wipe the hard drive, reformat, and re-install Windows™. Often, you will lose all of your personal files or business data, unless you pay a premium to have it saved. It is the easy and cheap way out for most shops. Unfortunately, their repair technicians rarely develop good troubleshooting skills, and their technical knowledge regarding malware removal does not improve. They are really good at reinstalling Windows™, though!

PC Doctor’s Price Range

For troubleshooting and repairs, we have found that a “price range” is most beneficial to our clients while being fair to us.

Repairs that are more common will cost less, while very difficult repairs are capped at a reasonable price, no matter how many hours we spend on the solution.

We never wipe a hard drive or reinstall Windows™ unnecessarily.

Allowing our technicians the freedom and time to properly troubleshoot and perform repairs actually lowers your cost. That is because our gained knowledge and experience shortens repair times for every computer we see with a similar problem, while our technicians need to spend less time on resolving the problem.

                          Virus & Malware


Our “Bug Zapper” malware removal always includes a precision deep cleaning of both the file system and the registry. We undo and repair any changes or damage to your Windows™ operating system, and update all security programs and settings.

We stand behind our virus and malware removal with our Bug Zapper Guarantee which includes a 3 month warranty against re-infection.

$109.00 - if the computer will boot

$149.00 - if the computer will not boot

                         Tune-Up & Update


Breathe new life into your struggling computer. Whether your system is old or brand new, it can be bogged down with unneeded programs and trial software, incorrect security settings, and thousands of useless temporary files, all wasting precious system resources, memory, and hard drive space.

With our “CPR SERVICE”, we start with a deep clean of your entire file system and Windows™ registry, followed up by shutting down or uninstalling any old, useless, or rarely used programs, so they will no longer hog your computers resources when you boot your system.

Next, all of your software programs are checked and updated as needed for current security patches and Windows™ updates. Then, all settings are optimized for performance and security.

We finish up this package with full defragmentation of all hard drives.

Our “CPR SERVICE” is like sending your computer to the day-spa! It leaves PC Doctor refreshed and ready-to-work again.

CPR Service - $79.00

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